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How to Choose the Videographer That’s Right for You

Videography is becoming an increasingly popular addition to (or even replacement of) photography at weddings – and with good reason! Videography captures moments in a way that is very different from photography, and perhaps even more memorable. Photographs of your wedding can be displayed around your home, on your devices, and in albums that you can look through to see all the memories of your special day. But videography captures the story of your wedding day in an emotional and true-to-life way that only video can do. From the sound of your father’s voice giving a toast, to your husband or wife’s face as they say “I do”, videography is able to capture memories like nothing else.

But videographers aren’t as common as photographers, and videography is an investment, just like everything else that goes into a wedding. So if you’re considering videography for your wedding, here are a few tips that will help you choose the videographer that’s right for you -

1. Make Sure You Vie With Them

Your videographer will be there with you, capturing all the most important moments of your wedding day. So make sure you like them! Getting along with your videographer may seem less important than their quality of work, but you don’t want someone with you on such an important day that you don’t vibe with, because you’ll be seeing a lot of them! Make sure they make your day BETTER, not worse!

To make sure your videographer is someone you’ll actually enjoy having at your wedding, try to meet them in person (or given the current state of the world, at least virtually, via a video conferencing platform). At the very least, set up a phone call with potential videographers, and pay attention to how they make you feel. If they seem like people you could easily develop a friendly or comfortable relationship with, that’s a great place to start!

2. Consider Finding a Business that Provides Both Videography and Photography

Videographers will often offer photography as well. If you purchase a package through them with both photography and videography included, it may get you a discount. However, remember that photography and videography are very different, so you may love a business’s photography style, but not their videography. Photographers and videographers are very used to working with each other, so don’t be afraid to hire separately if that’s what feels right.

3. Make Sure You Like Their Style

Every videographer has their own unique style. Check out a videographer’s website and social media sites, and watch a few of their wedding videos. This will help you decide if you like their storytelling style. And don’t expect them to create a totally different look or feel for your video. You can certainly ask for certain things and share your likes and dislikes, but if you have a lot of issues with a videographer’s previous videos, you might want to find someone with a style that better fits yours.

4. Make Sure They’re Clear About Their Contract

Generally, a videographer should plan to bring at least one assistant to your wedding, so they are able to capture all the moments of your day effectively. They should also be able to film as much of your wedding day as you both agree to, and they should be clear on their pricing and what you will receive in terms of video(s), as well as when you’ll receive them. If you feel anything is unclear or confusing, ask for clarification, and if need be, find a different videographer that will be more up-front with you.

5. Budget for the Quality You Want

Videography isn’t easy. In fact, because it’s a newer field, it’s much more challenging to find a qualified videographer than a qualified photographer. And due to the addition of audio and continuous filming, videography actually demands more expertise than photography in many ways. So make sure you’re budgeting for a quality videographer – someone who will capture your memories way that speaks to you, and whose video quality is top notch.

6. Check Out Reviews

Finding a videographer’s reviews on Google and Facebook will help you learn a lot about what to expect from that business. A videographer without many reviews is probably just starting out, and might lack experience. Or, worse, there may not be a lot of good reviews to share. And by reading some reviews, you’ll get to hear what other people loved, and what they might not have been thrilled with. A videographer with a high rating and lots of reviews is probably going to be a safe choice!

And a final tip – if you find a videographer that checks all these boxes, then you know they’re high quality! When your wedding day arrives, relax and trust them! They’ve done this many times, and they know what they need in order to make your video absolutely perfect. You’ve already got enough to think about! They’ll tell you if they need something. All you have to do is say “I do”, and then re-watch yourself saying “I do” whenever you want (and probably cry a few happy tears whenever you do).


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