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Destination Elopements Are Trending Right Now: Here’s Why

Rather than a way to rebel against societal norms and run away to be married in secret, modern-day elopements are becoming an easier, more affordable, and more adventurous alternative to the typical American wedding.

Destination elopements are about taking some of the money you would’ve spent on a big formal wedding and reception, and putting it toward travel for you, your fiancé, and maybe a select few friends and family. Elopements are about saying “I do” in a place that’s intimate, beautiful, exciting, and memorable.

Some couples are tiring of the usual approach to weddings. They want to avoid spending huge amounts of money on venue, food, music, and more. They may be put off by the formal and sometimes awkward or overbearing feel of a wedding with a large number of attendees. Others may want to avoid the spotlight that a formal wedding shines on the the act of saying “I do”. Still others may wish to sidestep the traditions or expectations that often go along with a classic American wedding.

Destination elopements can instead be specifically tailored to a couple’s desires, allowing the couple to put more focus on each other and the vows they are making. Elopements are a way for couples to remove much of the stress and anxiety that goes along with the typical wedding, and replace it with the excitement of a trip, and strengthening the bond that the couple shares.

Big weddings can be especially challenging to plan right now given the global pandemic we’re currently in the middle of. Elopements are a perfect alternative. Most modern elopements are all about an intimate ceremony in nature. By keeping attendees to a minimum and marrying in the great outdoors, you’re also designing a much safer (not to mention more easily planned) experience for yourself and any guests.

So what goes in to a destination elopement? Other than travel arrangements, sleeping arrangements, and food, you’ll also likely want to find someone to perform the wedding ceremony. Most couples also choose to wear somewhat typical wedding day attire (but of course, elopements are all about what YOU want!). Couples also often choose to invest money in a photographer and/or videographer. This way, couples are still able to relive their wedding day memories, and share them with family and friends who didn’t attend. There are photographers and videographers that specialize in elopements, who are able to serve as a guide for couples looking to capture the most beautiful photo or video memories.

Interested in learning more?

TKM Co. specializes in elopement photography and videography, and is more than happy to be a resource for couples considering a destination elopement.

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